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Bell 1 Industrial Gear Oils are a range of high-performance lubricants designed to handle a wide range of temperatures and conditions. These fluids offer excellent oxidation stability at high temperatures and superior low-temperature fluidity. They quickly separate from water and prevent anti-lubricating emulsions from forming.
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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent low and high-temperature performance
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Reduces galling, scuffing and welding of gear teeth

Specification, Approval & Recommendations

  • AGMA 9005-E02
  • DIN51517 Part 3
  • ISO 12925-1 CKCICKD
  • US Steel 224

Specificially Engineered For

Industrial Gear Sets
Oil Circulation Systems
Electrical Wheel Motors
Shearing Arms
Expert Recommendations
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