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Bell 1 Glycol Antifreeze provides excellent protection of the cooling system under extremes of cold weather. Bell 1 Glycol Antifreeze protects all common cooling system metals including solder, copper, brass, steel, cast iron and aluminum. This formulation is compatible with all other major brands of antifreeze and will not affect automotive hoses and gaskets. Bell 1 Glycol Antifreeze is recommended for automotives and trucks cooling systems. Used in its neat form, Bell 1 Glycol. Antifreeze will act to prevent the cooling system from freezing over up to temperatures as low as –45°C (Products 1-3). Bell 1 Glycol Antifreeze is recommended for use in all automobiles requiring an ethylene glycol based product.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with most commercial antifreeze fluids
  • Prevents freezing over of automobile cooling systems up to –45°C
  • Protects most metals in cooling systems
Expert Recommendations
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