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News about Newly Launched Products & Activities of Bell 1

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to AL. DAKHLI IMPORTS CORP (BELL 1 Yemen) for continuous support and trust towards us. Hope the business relationship established between us leads to a new milestone in the oil lubricants industry.

(From Left are Mr. Mamdoh, Mr. Feng and Mr. Mohammad Al- Dakhli.)


Bell 1 is now accepting potential distributors who are interested in marketing our product across the Asia Pacific region. Besides providing a profitable distributorship, we promise to maintain our high standards, with the aim to be an international lubricant brand, bringing us together to ‘The Phenomenal Future’.

If you are interested to be one of our distributors, kindly drop us an email at

Best Seminar of the Day!

It was our pleasure to conduct the lecture today. We had never imagined that Bengalis have a sense of passion and commitment towards Bell 1. We hope the interactive presentation is excellent. This was the first time we attended the Bangladesh Seminar and we were so happy that we did.

Road to Vietnam

We want you to know that we are very pleased to introduce our new distributor "CÔNG TY TNHH MTV TM DV THỊNH THÁI". We have recommended your company to be the distributor in Vietnam to others because of our satisfaction with your service.

Distributorship in Libya

We want you to know that we are very pleased to introduce our new distributor "Al Majd Al Aseel Company". We have recommended your company to be the sole distributor in Libya to others because of our satisfaction with your service.

ATF Training Program

On 30 October, Bell 1 and Afton organised a joint ATF training program for international participants to further enhance their knowledge and expertise around a vehicle's transmission system and its requirements.

Bell 1 would like to thank all who participated in the program for their continuous support and belief in the Bell 1 Brand.

Introducing to you our official Bell1 Mascot “BELLO”

We are here to stay and serve you with our excellent service and quality products. Stay tuned for more updates.


Bell TX-K not only meets API credentials, but also is also designed to meet the latest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs performance specifications in appropriate grades and base stocks - including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack, Renault, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, and Ford. Bell TX-K also meets the self-certifying requirements of ACEA E9.

Bell TX-K are Advanced Heavy-Duty CK-4 Diesel Engine Oils that are specially designed to meet the new Proposed Category 11 (P...C-11) specifications for heavy-duty-vehicle. A new category is split into two separate and distinct subcategories: one that preserves historical heavy-duty oil criteria and one that provides additional fuel efficiency and economic benefits for modern diesel engine technology while maintaining durability. Bell TX-K improve engine performance that is being addressed include oxidation stability, shear stability and aeration.

API Service Categories CK-4 & FA-4

API’s development of engine oil standards is nothing new. We’ve been publishing them since the 1940’s. Normally, engine oil standards are developed to protect new and current engine technologies, meet government regulations, and ensure tests are in place to measure engine oil performance. All of these factors figured into the development of API CK-4 and FA-4. What’s different about the development is API’s introduction of two diesel engine oil standards at the same time. We haven’t done that since API CF and CF-2 in 1994.